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Day 155 Nursing School Diary

It’s day 155 of nursing school. Accelerated nursing school is a daily adventure. The volume of information is education by a firehouse. The labs and simulations feel weird and awkward. The clinical rotations delve into the unknown. However, all of those things are the expected norm.

Since returning from the break between the first and second semesters, life outside school is challenging. Loneliness and isolation have set in, accompanied by anxiety and intermittent feelings of depression.

My school experience is somewhat unique. I’m more than 15 years older than all the students in my cohort, leaving me lacking in an age-appropriate peer group. Although I get along well with my classmates as one of the group, the differences exist.

Living away from my family also adds stress to the situation. I have an apartment local to the university and go home as I’m able. Alternately, my husband visits regularly to take the pressure off me. Even though we video chat daily, being on my own is difficult. Thankfully, my cat Butterscotch is along for the ride, taking the edge off.

I’m an introvert who gets exhausted by groups and is prone to overstimulation. I’m also a person who values intimate social interaction. Spending so many hours alone without personal socialization is a detriment.

To keep this post from being a whiny “woe is me” rant, I’ve devised a plan of action to improve my experience and mental wellness.  

Action Plan

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