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Expectations vs. Reality

Nursing school is a ride expected to be a fast, furious, challenging, and brain cramming experience. It is all that and so much more. I freely admit tears and anxiety rule some evening study sessions.

What I didn’t expect.

My group of 30-odd people is unexpectedly funny, supportive, and accepting. I am not the typical age of a student entering a nursing program. I’m pretty sure I am old enough to be the mother of every other student. Yet, never once have I felt ageism rear its ugly head. Although I have stories from clinical days directly related to my age, those are stories for another day.

NCLEX-style questions are absolute mind-benders compared to common test questions. I should’ve investigated and practiced tests before beginning nursing school. Being a “good student” isn’t enough to translate facts to the all too often torturous variety the NCLEX-style offers. I challenge you to do a web search on your own and let me know what you think about the questions you find.

Finally, I didn’t realize how this process deepens my passion and love for community-based care and working within a community of peers. Every day, clinical hour, and new nugget of information is a vehicle for future application in my practice.

I’m fired up!

I hope I get off this ride in December intact, joy-filled, and ready to take on the credentialing exam.

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